Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Laptop Fixed!

This laptop screen problem was driving me nuts because the screen was so dim I could not use the computer in the daytime. I put out a cry for help on Escapees.com, an RV Forum I use all the time, and one of the regulars there made a suggestion that ultimately lead to my discovering the problem. It was a simple combination of Function keys that toggle the brightness! I don't know how it got changed but it did.

Now my new monitor can go into the storage bin to be used on one of the computers at home. I was planning on investing in one anyway and the price down here in Mexico was cheaper than I would have paid at home so all is well except we have lost some storage space. I will just have to drink a couple of dozen beer to clear some space. It is what you call a win - win situation.


  1. I had the same problem with my wireless card "suddenly" not working. Was getting ready to take it in for repair when my son suggested I "turn" it back on by holding down the blue "fn" key and the key for the wirless card...amazing! It worked again!

  2. We need to bring our kids with us for stuff like changing the dates on our watches and using the text function on our cell phones!