Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mexico Christmas

In Mexico, as in many other parts of the world, family gifts are opened on Christmas Eve. This event followed Christmas Dinner which is also served on Christmas Eve. My mother had a Norwegian background and we did a slight variation of this theme when I was young as well. Gifts were opened Christmas eve (except for Santa’s of course) but dinner was on Christmas Day.
We were accepted as part of an extended family by our wonderful and generous Mexican neighbours, Hector and Martha, who included us in their celebrations and explained everything as it was happening. We had a candlelight procession, or posada around the RV park representing Joseph and Mary's search for shelter to give birth in. Lines were read from a script as we stopped at doors (well, really only one door, but we made do) and were repeatedly sent on our way. Finally a room was found and everybody knows the ending of the story.
One of our neighbours is Jewish and she asked if she could bring her Menorah over to light. She was immediately encouraged to do so, so she went to her RV to get it. She was happily received by the group (mostly Catholic, with the odd exception, including your lone Atheist) and everyone watched respectfully as she went through her ceremony.
Umberto, the owner of the Park came over with a huge bucket of hot fruit punch and a big bottle of rum for everyone and then lit a bonfire in the common area. The Pinata then appeared with all the kids (and Norma) getting a whack at it.
Karaoke followed with most joining in. I did not as I cannot carry a tune in a sack. Everyone had a great time. Sergio, one of the park residents who is a Professor of Anthropology and History at the University in Mexico City, took the mike and sang a long song in which he sang a couple of lines and then the crowd repeated the last word. It was interesting enough on it's own but then one of our Mexican friends explained to me that it was a very important song in Mexico and told the history of Mexico City. Needless to say, we were very impressed and honoured to be included in the gathering and we learned much of the wonderful Culture of this Country.
Snack Time
The Happy Crowd
Sergio & Estrella Dancing
The Menorah Lighting
Hector and Martha: "Look, we are dancing!"
Hector: "Look, I can sing too!"
Charlotte: "That's my dad singing!"
Sergio and the Singing History Lesson.
Martha: "It's pretty small for a Harley, dad!"
Hector Jr.: "Yes mom, I'm keeping my new shirt clean!"


  1. Merry Christmas, Norma & Croft !!
    Wow...that was really an honor to be included in all the culture and tradition of our Mexican friends. We are thankful to you guys for representing Canadians as well as you do. The ties between our two countries will only get better and better ! Wishing you peace and safe travels...Trent & Teresa

  2. Hi Norma and Croft,

    It is to late to wish you a merry christmas, but also unuseful, because your last blog prooved us that you had a lot of fun in good company.We were very enthousiasts while reading your text and looking your pictures.

    Have a happy new year and we wish you a fine continuation of your trip in Mexico and Guatemala during 2009.

    Thérèse and Luc.

  3. It is never too late my friend! A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to you and Thérèse!

    It will be your turn again soon enough to explore Mexico again.

  4. Thanks Trent. This trip is developing a life of it's own! We talked with another Mexican couple today and added several more cities to our itinerary. It is looking more and more like Southern Mexico will become a two year affair, with the Yucatan waiting until next year.