Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day

We slept in on Christmas Morning, one of the benefits of not having children around. It is not really a big day for us as we tend to buy “gifts” as we need them throughout the year so there is never anything we “need” or even “want” for a gift. Being around friends and family is the most important thing for us.

Around 4:00 everyone in the park came over to our place for a potluck dinner. I love these potlucks! Everyone makes enough for ten people so there are tons of leftovers to deal with and we never have to worry about what we are eating the next day or two. Special thanks to Claudia and Nancy for the fantastic deserts! Everyone had fun and the wine and conversation flowed. By nine or so everyone was tired and ready to go to bed. This was my signal to start washing the huge pile of dishes. While I was doing this, our Mexican friends Juan and Chris came over and after a small refueling of scotch and vodka, a long conversation on Mexican Politics and their education system developed. It was a great time and we are lucky to have found friends like these. We had a lot of fun! Here are some photos:

Some of the crowd


Some more of the crowd


Terrie, Barbara, Celine and Bruno


Claudia, PJ and James


Claudia and Les


Nancy and Terrie


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