Thursday, December 17, 2009

La Siesta RV Park

Rae asked to see the RV parks we stay in so here is the La Siesta in SMA. It is behind the La Siesta Hotel a half a block from the glorieta (traffic circle) at the south end of town. There is a Mega grocery store very close as well as the Pollo Feliz restaurant from whom we are “borrowing” a WIFI signal. We will go there for dinner one night to repay them for their generosity. La Siesta is not the only RV park in town. There is another closer to the Centro but it enters from a very narrow street and rigs over 26 feet cannot make the turn. The cost is $300 pesos per night or just over $200 if you stay a month. The central Jardine is a $30 peso ($2.70 CAN) cab ride, or a 45 minute walk, away. Here is our park:




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  1. Seems like a nice park, and well situated! For some reason, I didn't expect it to have any trees.

    Thanks for the pics!