Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rainy "Happy" Hour!

Seven Canadians and two Americans (who act like Canadians) under an 8X20 awning with rain, thunder and lightening in the background!


rain awning


  1. No surprise the two Americans act like Canadians. With the dysfunctional U.S. Congress, who can't even get universal health care passed, and polls which show more positive numbers for an escalation in war than health care, why would anyone want to admit they are from the U.S.?

  2. I'll skip the tacky cracks about Canada since I'm a polite American. Perhaps the guy above could take a lesson.

    Say hi to Jan and Whit, they look cold. :)

  3. Small world, eh Jonna? See you in January, mis amigas

  4. Jonna
    You obviously missed the point - and Croft reinforced it with his comments about the health insurance fiasco in the U.S. The point was that anyone who is an advocate for decent health care would be reluctant to admit they were from the U.S. with Congress doing such an amazingly lousy job trying to pass universal health care. I am polite, but also frustrated with the boobs in Congress who are blocking health care.