Wednesday, December 16, 2009

None Of My Business, But....

I agree with Howard Dean. Congress should kill the current health care bill and start over. The idiotic "Lieberman modification" guts the bill and leaves nothing but the shell. Abandon it and wait until there are enough votes to put through a Bill that will provide a proper health care system for all Americans. Yes, this is Socialism! For situations like Health Care this is what works. Suck it up! What you have left is NOT "better than nothing". Like I say, It is none of my business...


  1. Unlike Canadians, I can leave the United States for as long as I like and still retain my health insurance coverage. Unlike Candadians, I have a significantly higher chance of surviving colon cancer because I live in the U.S. and have my own health insurance, which is the case for over 85% of Americans.

    Unlike Candadians most Americans prefer to take care of their own healthcare (to stand on their own 2 feet), and not depend on Government to take care of it for them. In the U.S. every American has access, by law, to health care, however, a very few, maybe 5%, who want it, do not have access to health insurance...either they can't afford it, or they have serious, life threatening pre-existing conditions. They live with rationed care, because of that. Those are the ones we should find solutions for, without punishing the 85% of us who like their health insurance, or the additional 10%, ususally young adults, who choose NOT to buy insurance.

    If you like your system, kudos to you. I think everyone who wants to live under socialism should immediately immigrate to the socialized country of their choice, and leave the 95% of us alone who like our free enterprise system where we have the choice of buying, or not buying health insurance.....yes, even with all of it's many flaws.

  2. Well it is my business... and I'm right there with you!

  3. Whatsnewell:
    You represent exactly what the problem is: the "haves" and the "have nots". The majority of us who are in the middle class and can't get coverage at a reasonable cost are the ones who take the hit, much less those who can't afford it at all. Good to hear you are doing so good though, which means when you are eligible for medicare you can turn it down. The big insurance companies have succeeded in protecting their high profits, leaving most of us without.
    Apologies to Croft since this probably isn't the forum to air this.

  4. No problem, I am enjoying the discussion!