Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! Have a nice safe New Years, call or hug your family and watch as the New Decade comes in.

We will be staying at the RV park tonight where, along with four or five other couples will be welcoming in the New Year! One couple, Terrie and Nancy, are from Nova Scotia so that is the New Years we will be celebrating at 10:00 our time. This will let everyone get back to the comfort of our RV's early. We will be having a potluck of "substantial" appetizers and Juan says he has fireworks, a Mexican tradition.

Here is a list of Mexican New Years Traditions:

New Years is our chance to get rid of the negative in our lives to make room for the positive. New Years Traditions abound here in Mexico and include:

1) Make a list of all the negative things of the past year and just before midnight, throw the list into the fire. This will rid them from your life forever.

2) Wear red underwear if you want love and yellow if you want money.

3) Eat one grape and make one wish with each of the twelve strokes of the clock as it counts out midnight.

4) Sweep out your house before midnight. This rids the house of the negative forces that have accumulated over the past year.

5) Bringing your luggage outside at New Years will ensure you will travel in the upcoming year.

6) Make an effigy of a hated politician, stuff it with fireworks and set fire to it at midnight.

7) Visualize a huge cloud crossing the sky at midnight. People who are lucky enough to have a glimpse of the cloud are believed to experience good luck in the New Year.


  1. Hey Croft,
    Please make the effigy of Gordon Campbell and Stephen Harper for me. I'd probably be arrested if I did so here, lots of extra RCMP and military arriving by the day.
    Happy New Year,
    Kelly from Whistler