Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rain And More Rain

It started raining after dinner last night and we were entertained by a lot of thunder and lightening. It quit shortly after bedtime but started up again around seven this morning but without the accompanying thunder and lightening.

It would be a great day to lay around and read but Norma has a nail appointment up at the Liverpool Shopping Centre and I have to drive her. She is not a good Mexican driver - she is too easily intimidated by suicidal bus and truck drivers. I will take the laptop and amuse myself in the Italian Coffee Company (Mexican Starbucks) while I wait for her.

EDIT: Well, that was frustrating. The coffee place has free WIFI but nobody knew the WEP Key! They told me that it was "theitaliancoffee" but I knew that was not it because that is not a hexadecimal number. I tried it anyway, the waitress tried it and the manager tried it. Nada, although they all insisted that that was it and there must be something wrong with my computer! I walked back to the hairdressers where Norma was and the woman there, who spoke better English than me, told me that was normal in Mexico and in fact they even had WIFI at the beauty parlor but nobody knows the password, not even the owner. I guess they just keep paying the bill and don't worry about it. I would find it a little frustrating myself, but that's just me...

Not a big problem because we have excellent WIFI at the RV Park, thanks to my Hawking dish and the Pollo Filiz.


  1. Gee, you could have stayed home and seen rain! ;-)

    Liverpool? Italian? Glad to know that Mexico is as international as Canada (and that the chickens are happy).

    Sucks about the internet.

  2. The chickens are still very happy! Moving out by the bucket load!

  3. Liverpool is a Hudson Bay type store and Italian Coffee Company is a really great coffee place, very similar to Starbucks. They always have free WIFI and usually know the password.