Friday, December 18, 2009


Today we took a drive to the nearby old silver mining town of Mineral de Pozos. It is about an hour’s drive northeast of SMA. Our friend Les came with us and we followed our neighbours Terrie and Nancy from Nova Scotia and Whit and Jan from California. It was a very nice day with a lot of exploring of the old mine sites and buildings.

The highlight for me was a sidestreet shop with a sandwich board out front announcing that the artist inside made Pre-Hispanic Musical Instruments! We went in and the artist was happy to demonstrate his work. We admired a beautiful, intricately carved Mayan Rainstick. It is a two foot long carving of a snake filled with dried corn that flows through a maze of cactus thorns producing the sound of falling rain. It is a beautiful work of art and we did not attempt to bargain down the asking price of $1200 pesos or $99 CAN which we thought was a bargain. It is signed by the artist and will be a treasured item.





That's our rainstick in front of the drum!



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  1. What a wonderful purchase!

    I love rainsticks and have seen them being sold for several hundred dollars. This one seems to be especially beautiful and a real bargain.