Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Slow Days

It has been a couple of slow days here in Villa Corona. The weather has been warm but overcast with the odd bit of rain. It is a different rain here, only lasting a couple of minutes at a time and not really getting anything wet. The spots in the dust on the car tell the tail.

We had a nice swim in the hot springs yesterday. The weather has been keeping the locals away as 70 – 75 degrees feels very cold to them. Remember, this is the middle of winter here in central Mexico and it is not unusual to see the locals dressed in all their winter gear while we walk around in t-shirts and shorts. The water is quite hot in the morning and is allowed to cool over the day until it is drained at night and the process repeated in the morning. It was still very warm when we went in around noon when we shared the huge pool with one Mexican family with three charming kids.

We have been watching the Tim Horton Curling from Edmonton and pretty much just taking it easy. Today however is Market Day in town so we will be heading over there later. It is easy to save money here in Villa Corona as there are no big stores or anywhere else to spend your Pesos. There is an OXXO near the Pemex on the highway that serves as the local grocery store. These are much like the 7-11’s back in Canada, a convenient place to pick up bread and milk but not for major shopping.

Tomorrow we will be heading for San Miguel de Allende. It is 540 KM so we will make an overnight stop along the way, probably in Lyon where we boondocked in a Woolworths parking lot two years ago. Lyon has an interesting Centro that we can explore.

I have a couple of jobs to do today. These include washing the car and hosing out the black water holding tank. Life is not all a piece of cake down here in beautiful Mexico!

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