Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Potluck

Last night everyone from our park was invited to the other RV park in town for a potluck dinner. The other park is a very friendly place and except for one or two spots, is full. We cannot get into it as you have to make a sharp turn through a narrow gate from a very narrow road and anything over about 24 feet in length has a problem getting in. Anyway, we all headed over with our contributions to the meal and joined in the fun.

There were many interesting people there, mostly RV’ers but also some local residents. Mike and Terry Church, authors of the invaluable book on RV’ing in Mexico were there and it was great to meet them. PJ and Claudia, a couple from the Netherlands who on a 12 year (so far) RV’ing odyssey around the world! Steve, an American expat musician who now lives in SMA came with his daughter and son-in-law from the States. Our friends Chris and Juan from Monterrey, MX were there. Chris was invaluable when we damaged the roof in Monterrey on our way home last winter and it was great to finally meet Juan. James and Barbara from Burnaby are staying in our park and went to the potluck with Chris and Juan. James is a retired lawyer and was the House Council for the Vancouver Canucks hockey team. He amused us all with his stories, including one about Jerry Lee Lewis dancing on top of a very expensive rented grand piano that Jim was responsible for during a concert in Vancouver.

It was fun meeting new people and renewing old friendships. The food was great, a huge cake got dumped on the ground and everyone had a great time. Norma and I went out to a nice little Italian restaurant we discovered two years ago and it was just as good as we remembered. Norma had lamb and I had grilled tuna done very rare, just like it should be. We got home about nine and watched TV for a while until Brooks called on Skype. We talked to them until the WIFI connection crashed and we were cut off.

Here is Steve, the musician from SMA and Chris talking to Mike and Terry Church:


And part of the potluck crowd:


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  1. Feliz Navidad, Croft and Norma !!

    It is great to see you guys having so much fun...awesome.

    That must have been a nice surprise to meet the Church's. Bet you had a few questions for them....LOL

    Take care guys, Trent and Teresa