Monday, December 14, 2009

Dolores Hidalgo

We took a drive to nearby Dolores Hidalgo today. This is the city where Miguel Hidalgo, at 5:00 AM on September 16, 1810 rang his church bell, calling his congregation to hear his “Grito de Dolores", the call to arms to end the Spanish occupation of his beloved Mexico.

His Church in Dolores Hidalgo is recognized as the birthplace of the Revolution and is the destination of millions of Mexican people who make the pilgrimage to see where it all started. If any of you think that Father Hidalgo was acting on behalf of the Church or that the Church had any sympathy for the millions of aboriginals tortured and murdered by the pious Spaniards, you would be wrong. The "Holy Church" supported Spain in their conquest and enslavement of the Mexican people and quickly excommunicated Hidalgo when they heard of his revolt. Today Hidalgo is honoured as the ‘‘Father of the Nation’’.

Miguel Hidalgo:


His Church:


The Actual Bell he rang on September 16, 1810 Starting The Revolution:


Hidalgo’s Monument in the Centro with his Church in the Background:


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  1. That is a replica of the bell, the real bell is located in mexico city's National Palace above presidential balcony.