Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lake Chapala

Today we took a drive to Lake Chapala and it’s neighbouring village, Ajijic (“Ah-Hick”). These towns are the destination of many ex-pat Americans and Canadians. It is not my cup of tea but you can get by here without having to learn any Spanish whatsoever. Restaurants serve food that the NOB palate is used to and stores sell English magazines. English is heard at least as much as Spanish as you walk down the street.

We came here two years ago and took a boat ride on the lake so this year we passed that up and just walked around the market and the main street. We stopped for lunch at a waffle place where we had blintzes and poached eggs. It was very good although the $200 peso bill came as a bit of a shock. I guess the English menu and English speaking waiter carry a surcharge.

The Malacon:


A Malacon Resident:


The Market:


Pomegranate Seeds:


Little Sardine Size Fried Fishies:


Grilled Corn (I still have to try this – they are supposed to be very good)


Copied CD’s:


And a Blanket Maker:


Maybe Even The Real Bonnie & Clyde Hideout:


We Even Happened Upon A Wedding At The Local Church:


1 comment:

  1. Hi Croft,
    Lake Chapala doesn't sound like my kind of town either but good for a few days. Regarding the grilled corn, I had it where they put some awesome cheese and limeon it. Oh so yummy. I couldn't find the cheese at home so used feta with a little mayo, almost as yummy.
    I'm marking down on my Mexico map all your destinations.
    Glad you're having fun.
    Kelly from Whistler