Friday, December 4, 2009

Villa Corona

We arrived at the Parque Acuatico Chimulco Wednesday afternoon. It is a very nice friendly park full of BC’ers and Quebecois with the odd others thrown in like our neighbours from Nova Scotia. At the moment there are no Americans, testament to the effectiveness of the USA’s “Politics of Fear”. This is no problem as it just means there is more room for us Canadians.  There are six hot spring fed pools here, warm but with no sulphur smell. One of the pools is for the exclusive use of us RVers and is filled only at night. It is a great spot.Villa Corona-5

We drove downtown today after a stop at the local bakery. The bakery is completely hidden with no signs. If you did not know where it was you would walk right past it. Once you walk up the lane leading to it though you cannot mistake the aroma of fresh baked goods. The smells as you approach the door are unbelievable! We bought a bag of buns and one sweet roll for me to eat on the spot for a total charge of $17 pesos.

The Bakers:

Villa Corona-13

We continued downtown where we found a restaurant. We intended to have breakfast but we were too late. Instead Norma had a taco and I had a camerone coctel. It was a mild tomato sauce with cilantro, onion and avocado and about ten prawns served warm. It was delicious and the total bill, with coffee was just over $100 pesos. Not a bad breakfast!

Villa Corona-18 Villa Corona-31

The weather here in Villa Corona is just about perfect. It is cool at night so it is easy to sleep and in the daytime it warms up very nicely. You can get out of the 80 some degree pools and dry off in the sun without feeling a chill. It is very nice here and I am glad we came back this year.

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  1. Shrimp for breakfast?! I'm definitely going to Mexico next year! :)

    I'm definitely putting Villa Corona on my list of must-see one day places. It seems heavenly.