Thursday, April 12, 2012

Avi Update

Free RV parking at the casino involves signing up with their "Gamblers Club". I went and did this and received $5 in free slot machine play. When we went over for dinner last night we spent a little time at the machines and I turned this free $5 into $16.75 in real money on a penny machine!

It is interesting how it works. Once you start your free play you cannot cash out until your $5 has been used up. Winnings are kept in a separate pool and the "Cash Out" button does not become operational until the $5 is used up. My winnings paid for dinner. Norma was another story however! She went through her initial $20 and then came over to "borrow" more from me...

She is still not up to walking any distances so we borrowed a wheelchair from the casino. It was a bit of a job pushing it across the sandy parking area. When we get home she is going in to see her "hip guy" to make sure she did not re-damage the old break.

The weather is great here. Mid to high 80's in the day and mid 70's at night. We are getting messages from friends to stay south for a while as it is still cool at home.  However, our USA medical insurance expires at the end of the month and our taxes have to be done and sent off electronically by midnight April 30.

The party is almost over!


  1. If you send your taxes on April 31 you will be one day late.


  2. And 14 days late if you are filing in the U.S. - which of course you are not.

    We will be heading to Xico in about 10 days ourselves (just sent our efile taxes in this week - now the U.S. has more money to mow the lawns of the nearly 200,000 repo'd homes it owns:

  3. Hi Croft. Re AVI. Not sure if you are coffee drinkers however I asked our waitress if they ever have any complaints about the coffee there and she replied "Always". It was the worst I have ever tasted.

  4. Yep, the weather looks :(, so we decided to stay another 3 nights in Laughlin. Big winds tomorrow.