Thursday, April 5, 2012

“Check Engine”

I remembered seeing a commercial from Meineke Car Care Center where they said they would do an engine computer scan for free. I drove into one of their stores in San Antonio with my tale of woe. The manager grabbed a scanner, walked out and hooked it up. He told me it was showing low fuel pressure. He said that in his experience it was probably caused by a batch of bad fuel and since I had refilled the tank several times since it came on and was having no problems, he simply reset the computer and told me to put a bottle of fuel injector cleaner and a bottle of something that removed water from the fuel. I bought a can of each from him for under $10 and he told me "no charge" for the scan and reset. It was a good day!

We headed out on I-10 towards Fort Stockton, TX but only made it less than half way. Norma was nodding off and I was feeling pretty tired myself. We pulled into a KOA near Junction, TX and found a pull through site. The office is closed until 3:00 so the one guy that was around told me to go and pay after that. I just hope it does not cost an arm and a leg! They had a tornado go through here two weeks ago that wiped out the WIFI but it seems to be working. I am on it now. It is very hot and humid. The thermometer inside reads 87 F and the outside sender is not working. I will replace the batteries.

EDIT: Not quite an arm and a leg but a good chunk of one of them. $35 less a 10% Good Sam discount. I can’t understand so many people really liking KOA. In my experience they are always under par for the price. This one has dirt roads and weak cable. I am running it through my RF amplifier.


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  1. We have "workamped" at two different KOA's. They were both very nice, well maintained places, but we simply didn't see the attraction. We would never stay at one, but then we would say the same for most RV parks.

  2. I agree with you about KOA. We stay there if there is no alternative but mostly we 'just say no'.

  3. I've only stayed at a KOA once, in the off season, and it was super nice with the rate being only $31 for FHU. This was just outside of Jasper. It was my last resort and it worked out well. But I would not actively seek out a KOA because of what I've heard about them. I think I got lucky.

  4. KOA = Last resort