Sunday, April 8, 2012

Willcox, AZ

It was a long day’s drive today covering three States, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Lots of desert scenery. The motorhome is running really well as usual. The problem was, with the check engine light on I was never sure there was not something wrong so every little noise or jitter got me worried. I have not figured out the gas mileage but really, who cares? I am not going to quit driving the thing and there is nothing I can do about it anyway. Last year I was getting between 7 and 9 mpg and it is probably the same now. Gas is more expensive this year so it feels more expensive to drive it.

Tomorrow morning after our free waffles and coffee at this little Passport America “Fort Willcox RV Park” we will head 40 miles down the road to Benson where Norma wants to get a haircut.
Map picture


  1. I used to be real anal retentive about the whole mileage thing and cost per mile. Every cent into a spreadsheet with charts and graphs and such. Then came Mexico. All of the sudden I couldn't pay with a credit card and I was buying in round lots of 1000 pesos. I said enough. And I have kept that attitude here now that I have landed back in Texas. I think it will be "mas tranquilo" this way. Thank you Mexico.

  2. As long as the check engine light isn't flashing, there's nothing seriously wrong. The light should clear on its own.

    As for gas prices, I look at the cost of filling up a tank rather than the price per litre/gallon. In 2008, gas averaged $1.25ish across the country, so a fill was about $250. Now, it's averaging $1.35ish, which is $270 for a fill. And extra $20 a tank can spread out into a couple hundred dollars a trip, but I save that many many times over when I boondock. I refuse to obsess over gas prices.

    And let's not get into the cost of fuel when traveling through the US. My estimated gas costs for this upcoming trip are around $170 a tank, not $270 like it would be in Canada.

  3. If you have time while in Benson and haven't been there yet, it's really worth your while to visit Kartchner Caverns. Not only is it one of the few remaining 'living' caves but it has a fascinating history as well. We've been several times and are astounded each time we visit.