Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Maupin, Oregon

Two nights in Crystal Crane Hot Springs and it was time to move on. The water was great but the hundred foot trek to get to it in the cold made me pucker!

We headed out intending to drive about 260 miles to Hood River and it's Walmart but we had to stop in Burns to dump (no dumping at Crystal Crane) at the Chevron station. There was a Les Schwab Tires just down the street and we had a slow leak in one of the dolly tires. It turned out to be a nail and while we were there we asked them to check and adjust all the tire pressures. There was no charge for the flat repair! We have had several free flat repairs from Les Schwab over the years and bought our last set of motorhome tires from them.

All this delay made us late getting on the road so when we got to the tiny town of Maupin on Hwy 197 it was after 5:00 so we looked for a place to stay. There were signs pointing to a city owned RV park so we went to look. It is a tiny park on the river with no pull throughs but there is also a large gravel parking area across the street. It was posted as parking with a note to pay at the city RV park office. We pulled in and I asked how much to park over there with no hookups. $20. I asked how much for the RV park and it is $20 as well. Hardly seems fair as we have no hookups. Oh well, I don't want to unload the car and dolly for one night. We do get their WIFI over here and I set up the Starchoice dish. I will watch the Canucks..... They are down 0 - 3 games and could be eliminated tonight. The best team in the league getting trounced by one of the worst!


  1. Mickey (JB`s ) cousinApril 18, 2012 at 6:54 PM

    Go Canucks Go you never know what will happen.

  2. You could have gone up hwy 97 and stayed at the John Day Dam. Would have then been barely out of your way and free. It's such a lovely spot; hope you can stay there one day.

    As for the Hood River Walmart, BLECH. Their parking enforcement nazis turned me off from ever going there again.

  3. I keep forgetting about the John Day Dam... Damn!

  4. I agree with Rae. Hood River Walmart ... no over night parking. Police will knock on your door even int he middle of the night and make you move.

  5. Canuks could climb their way back - One down three to go ;-)