Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Buckeye, Arizona

Another long day on the road (for us). We crossed two time zones since Mexico so we are waking up early. like 5 or 6 AM! We got on the road early after another feast of Belgian Waffles. We made one stop for Norma to get a haircut. We needed an oil change in the motorhome so we called ahead to a couple of Walmart Superstores and found one that had an RV bay in the auto center, a nail place for Norma to get a pedicure and would allow us to park overnight.

After our chores were done, I drove over to Carl's Jr and picked up dinner. We put the TV antenna up and are getting all the networks in high definition and a great signal on the Virgin Broadband stick! Life is good!

Map picture


  1. Don't hurry north too fast, it's only about 6C in Redding, and there's snow overnight on the Siskiyou Summit. It was 20C today in Sidney BC though.

  2. We are still in Red Bluff...waiting for parts/repairs!!

    Why oh why can't I be getting my hair done and a pedicure, even buy some wine!!! Lucky Norma!!!

  3. Why do you use the inferior Bing rather than Google (which gave me a far better picture of where you are) for your maps?