Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Back In The USA!

We got away from Saltillo a little later than planned on Tuesday and the drive took a little longer than planned. No problems, just a couple of stops for fuel, the first because we needed gas and the second to top it off before entering the USA where gas is more expensive. The border crossing went fine except Norma had to go into Mexico immigration to turn in her own tourist visa. I went in first to scout it out and to ask if they had a wheelchair (they didn't) so after I parked as close as I could she had to climb out of the rig, climb the wheelchair ramp and walk about 40 feet to the building. They stamped the passports and then she had to walk back. It was the first time she has been out of the rig since she fell. It wiped her out but we were both happy she was able to do it.

USA customs was a little better than usual. This time we went through the fridge and took out everything that was not frozen or canned. This was joined by all of the fresh vegies and fruit which we placed in a big bag and gave to one of the RV park workers. It will feed his family for a couple of days at least.

When we pulled up to the customs booth and were asked if we had any fresh food, we gave an emphatic "NO!" and said we gave it all away. The officer smiled and said, "Welcome to the USA". Their drug dog was having a good sniff all this time and gave his approval as well. Every other time we had some fresh food and had to go through an additional agricultural inspection. Quick and easy this time!

It was getting well into the afternoon so we headed to Laredo where we made a quick stop at the HEB grocery store. These trips are sure a lot faster when Norma can't come in the store! We then headed to the Casa Blanca State Park where we bought a pull through site for $18 plus a "Park entry fee" of $8 and settled in for the night.

The Texas songbirds woke us up this morning and we headed out for San Antonio where we were going to get the propane leak fixed. After stopping at one place that we didn't really like the look of, we phoned the Camping World in New Braunfels where we had the roof repaired three years ago. After being sent to an answering machine three times, I asked for the store manager and told him we were not going to drive 60 miles to his store only to be told they could not look at it until June. He told me to ask for him when we got there and he would make sure someone dealt with it right away.

We arrived two and a half hours before closing time, talked to Scott the manager and one of their service guys started on it. He did a pressure test and determined there was indeed a leak and then spent over an hour finding it! It was a T connector under the rig that was leaking at one of it's legs. He said he was going to cut it off, re-flare it and reattach it. If that did not work, he would have to replace the pipe. Well, it seemed to work. He did a pressure test where the pressure is supposed to hold for at least three minutes and it was still holding after ten minutes. Fixed!

I went in to pay but they did not have the bill ready and it was closing time. I said I was going to ask if we could stay in their lot overnight anyway, so why don't I just pay in the morning? They said no problem so here we are, plugged in and using free WIFI in their guarded compound. The only problem is, I don't know how much they will charge me. He worked on it for over two hours and the shop rate is around $140 per hour. However, "Propane service" is listed on the wall at $99.95 so which will it be? $100 or $280? I will know in the morning!


  1. Welcome back to the US!!! Too bad that Norma had to do that walk but at least you know she can move. I did both our Immigracion cards while Colin dealt with the vehicle refund!!

    Cute about the grocery shopping being faster:)

  2. Croft
    I'll be the optimist and guess $145 (reminds me of the lottery).
    Hope Norma gets better and the remainder of your travels are safe.
    Bill in Nebr.

  3. Glad to hear you crossed without any issues. I'm also happy to hear the leak is fixed. We need a pressure test too! Next on my list.

    Have fun and I'm glad it was a good winter.

  4. I'm with you on shopping alone. I could go to five stores while my wife was still checking out one.

    Glad customs were cool; actually I think I'm amazed! Have a safe trip in the USA.