Saturday, April 21, 2012

Canada Customs

A piece of cake!

We drove off the ferry in Victoria and up to the inspection booth. He asked how long were we away? Five and a half months, four of those in Mexico. How much in goods are you bringing back? $1,439. How much wine? We thought we had four bottles but when we were sorting everything out last night we found two more, so we have six. We will throw out two bottles if we have to. How much liquor other than the wine? More than we are allowed but it is all open, partly full bottles. How many cigarettes? Four cartons. Four? Yes, two each. You are only allowed one each. Oh, sorry, I thought we were allowed two. Is that all you have? Yes. Welcome back to Canada, have a good day.

As a bonus, the ferry made an error measuring the rig. We are 49.5 feet tip to tail. Usually they say 49 feet and once in a while, 50. Today he measured it, wrote out the slip for me to take to the cashier and told us which lane to go to. As I was walking back to pay, I looked at the paper to see what he wrote. It said, "Motorhome 31 ' , trailer 7'" That is a total of only 38 feet! I thought for a minute about questioning it but quickly reconsidered and just paid what they asked. It cost us $260 to go to the States and only $160 to come back! Good deal!


  1. Welcome home!

    I can't wait to be your age just to have a chance at an easy crossing back into my country.

    Even better, I wish the Americans would let me stay. I like it much better on this side of the border.

  2. Way cool!! We have friends who two years ago had to measure the amount in each open bottle, total the ounces and pay!!!

  3. Only $420 to get across that border - what a deal! WHO are these people?

  4. Black Ball Ferry, John. I think they even wrote a song about it!

  5. Congratulations on making it back home. Hope you have a good summer.