Monday, April 16, 2012

Crystal Crane Hot Springs, OR

We eventually made it to Winnemucca, NV yesterday. I say eventually because the GPS took us the wrong way. I looked at Google Maps and it said Winnemucca was 199 miles from Tenopah. I then set the GPS for Winnemucca and followed the directions. After driving for an hour or so things did not look right. We were heading towards Hawthorne which is not on the route at all. I checked the mileage to destination on the GPS and it read 250 miles! It had sent us on a different route and added 100 miles and 10 to 12 gallons of gas to our day's drive! By now it was not worth it to turn around so we kept going the way we were told. Another reminder to double check the GPS and to add a little common sense to her instructions.

We got to the Walmart in Winnemucca only to find my Virgin Broadband did not have a signal and there were no free WIFI signals available. We were dark! I set up the Starchoice so at least I could watch the hockey game. This is really not "etiquette" while parked in Walmart where you are just supposed to "park" and not "camp". You are not even supposed to extend your slide but Norma had spent about $150 in the store so I felt we had more than paid for our parking. I managed to set the dish up between the car and the motorhome where it was really hard to notice so I was in "stealth mode". I may as well have saved the effort as it was a terrible game for the Canucks who are down 0 - 3 in the series.

We left this morning heading into Oregon without a clear destination in mind. We were just going to drive until we got tired. We were on the same route as last year which took us past the Crystal Crane Hot Springs and it's $9 Passport America rate. As we neared the hot springs the wind and rain started up so the decision was made. We pulled in and I ran over to register. When I got back to the rig I was already soaked so I stopped long enough to plug in the power. This is not good for the cold I am fighting off!

After an hour the rain stopped and the sun came out so I set up the dish. It went pretty easy and moments after we got the signal it started to rain again. We are nicely hunkered down here and I just might make my way over to the hot springs later for a soak. The WIFI is great here. The $9 rate is just a "teaser" for the first night only but the second night is still only $18 less 10% Good Sam Club discount so two nights for just over $25 is not bad at all. If we decide to stay. It would let me watch the hockey game tomorrow night. For what that is worth....

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  1. I've given up on our GPS. I think I need to take a course. Glad you guys are making miles and getting home. Stay dry and enjoy!

  2. i think the next Canucks game is Wednesday 7pm, not Tuesday.

  3. Poor baby!!!

    You really need a CPS not a GPS!!

    Hope you feel better soon....
    ...hmmm seems Norma may be beating my spending...we will have to do a comparison!