Tuesday, April 24, 2012

There's No Place Like Home!

We are home! On the way up from Brooks and Linda's a car pulled up beside me and told me I had no brake lights! I stopped to check and indeed I had no brake lights on the motorhome or on the car dolly! The emergency flashers worked which was strange because I was always under the impression that the way to test the brake lights was to turn on the emergency flashers. I wonder what could be wrong? The rest of the way home I turned on the flashers before I applied the brakes.

My new desktop computer was waiting for me and I fired it up and started deleting the garbage that comes with new computers. The process did not seem to take as long as it usually does. This is the first Acer I have bought, maybe that is the reason. Tomorrow I will attach the laser printer I bought on the way home. It will really be nice not having to constantly deal with empty or dried up ink jet reservoirs.

Our house sitter has done a great job of sorting the mail. The usual pile we are faced with when we get home is greatly reduced. I easily found the tax program I ordered online and loaded it on the new machine. Tomorrow we will find all the tax related mail and start entering it.

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know we are home safe and sound. We will be busy for the next few days and may not have much to report. Everyone have a great day and thanks for sticking with us.

I will do a budget comparison between this year back in Mexico and last year in the USA. I will have it within a few days. 


  1. Welcome home. You might find some changes in town. Take a drive downtown, the old building across from the Casino is gone. I think someone wanted a better view :)

  2. Welcome to your very own home!

    How is Norma doing?

  3. Pretty good but not great. We will set up an appointment tomorrow or the next day for her. She hates going to doctors but this is one of those times...

  4. Welcome home!

    No brake light? I wonder if you're having a fuse issue like I did when I tried to leave your cute little town.

  5. Welcome home, hope Norma will be alright. You could have brought some sunshine and heat with you!

  6. Welcome back Croft. It was fun following your journey this past winter.

    This current wet weather will help you focus on getting your taxes done before the sunshine hits again this weekend.


  7. Welcome back home amigo - Mexico is missing you already ;-)