Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cradlepoint Working!

My Cradlepoint router quit working in Mexico. This is the device that converts a cellular broadband stick into a private WIFI signal with about a 100 foot radius. It worked in November with the Virgin stick but when I tried it in Mexico with the Telcel Banda Ancha stick, it would work for a few seconds and then quit. I tried it several times but it kept dropping off. I thought it was briken.

Last night I gave it a try with the USA Virgin Broadband stick and it is working! I guess it is just incompatible with the Mexican Telcel device.Too bad!


  1. Interesting. I have a Cradlepoint 350 that I used in the US and then it as plug and play in Mexico and now back to Verizon two days ago when I crossed and perfect. Who knows what minor difference in some firmware in the stick or the cradlepoint. Thinking about it, I have the Huawia (SP?) stick. Maybe that is it.

  2. Interesting Mike. Mine is a CTR35 and has never had a firmware upgrade. My Telcel stick is the older one so that might make a difference. I will do a firmware upgrade when I get home and maybe upgrade my Telcel to the new stick next winter.