Friday, April 13, 2012

Tonopah, NV

It was very quiet at the casino last night but for some reason Norma was up at 5:30 AM! I held out for another hour but then got up myself. While Norma was sitting having her coffee at about 6:00 AM, a black pickup came over and had a very good look at us. It had "Security" on the door along with some kind of emblem. It watched for a couple of minutes and then left. I am sure it was from the military base we were parked beside. There was a sign on the fence that said "No Parking Within 15 Feet" which I thought referred to the sign but now realize it meant within 15 feet of the fence. We were probably 10 - 12 feet from the fence. Luckily they did not send a Predator Drone after us!

We got an early start and headed north. As we neared Tonopah where we stayed last year, I asked Norma if she wanted to stop there. It was only a little after noon but 1) there is a Canucks game tonight and I wanted to set up Starchoice and 2) it was colder than heck and I wanted power so we could run the electric heater overnight. The local casino has an RV park with pull-throughs and only charges $18 per night with Good Sam.

It is so cold I almost changed my mind about setting up the dish. We had problems last year finding the signal here and I did not want a repeat performance. I tried finding a site on the Internet where I could watch the game but was not sure it would work. Finally I went out and tried the dish. I had the settings from the Internet and as I swung the dish, Norma yelled, "There it is"! I had found it within a few seconds! Probably my best time ever! The dish is tucked in between the motorhome and the car where it is protected from the wind and I put a concrete block on the mount to hold it in place. Go Canucks!!!!


  1. yep, the chill in the night in the desert makes one think longingly for being south of the tropic of cancer.

  2. Waxing sentimental over the warm weather in Mexico are we?