Saturday, April 14, 2012

Snowed In

Like the Donner party, we got snowed in! It started snowing at seven or so last night and continued until there was a couple of inches on top of the car and road. It was blowing and swirling pretty good all night and this morning the fresh water hose is frozen. We are using our internal water supply until I get brave enough to go and unhook the hose and try to get it into the cab of the motorhome to thaw. I forgot for a moment that we are at 5430 feet altitude here! is calling for 45F today with a chance of thunderstorms. Warmer weather (54ish) is on the way starting tomorrow. I think we will stay hunkered down here for the day where we have electricity, water and Starchoice. The bare necessities of life! There is another electric heater stored in one of the outside bins that I will have to brave the elements to find.

I miss the Tropics!


  1. I hope you guys have lots of food! :)

    Thankfully, I'm not heading into mountains.

    It might be time to consider having your box of mail shipped to some point ahead of you and then filing online...

  2. Food is not a problem. Norma has enough canned food to last at least until summer.

  3. Get that other heater out...and hunker down. I concur that it's better to hang in than to venture out, if you don't have to, till the weather improves. Good luck!

  4. I DO NOT miss that kind of weather - have not been in any below 45 F since 2007 - and again do not miss it ;-)

    Stay warm amigos and keep that antifreeze fresh ;-)

  5. We had some snow on I5 and again today on the Connector! Home but computer problems.

    I laughed at your food situation....we have enough that unloaded today to last till we go back to Mexico in October. Why do we women do that?

    ....tell Norma I won't even discuss the clothes brought and never worn!