Thursday, April 12, 2012

Indian Springs, NV

We headed up hwy 95 towards Las Vegas this morning with no real plans. Norma wanted to stop at a mall and then we would either find an RV park for the night or head further north. We set the GPS for JC Penny and it took us to a huge mall in Henderson, Nevada, just south of Vegas. We borrowed a wheelchair from the mall and Norma got her shopping done by about 2:00, a little too early to stop for the night and Las Vegas is a big, noisy city anyway. We got back on the highway and drove as far as Indian Springs where we pulled off the highway for gas. Right beside the gas station is a little casino with a huge parking lot in the back so we pulled in.

The parking lot is surrounded by a huge concrete block and razor wire fence with signs indicating it is US Military property and that it would not really be a good idea to climb over the fence. What it really is became clear when I walked over to the casino to register. In the doorway of the casino is a sign, "Welcome To Indian Springs, Home Of The Preditor Drone"! Yikes! Black Ops! Cyber Warfare! Over the fence are many Quonset style buildings and an air strip. A Google search suggests this is where they are developing and testing all kinds of remote controlled aerial devices including insect sized drones! That buzzing in my ear just might be one of them!


Map picture


  1. Be careful a "fly on the wall" doesn't go home with you, Croft!

  2. careful what you say....

    Hope Norma found what she wanted!!! She should still be taking Advil....