Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Austin, TX To Oklahoma City, OK

Not much to say about the drive today. Almost 700 KM of Interstate covered in a little over eight hours. There were a couple of accidents to slow us down a little and a stop at the Oklahoma Welcome Centre to stock up on maps and books. Otherwise we pushed straight through. We are about 40 KM South of the city at a Wal-Mart where we will spend the night and decide if we want to stay another night in an RV park to explore the city.

I did a little experiment with the new solar panel in the morning. With the sun well up although not overhead, I can leave the TV on without draining the batteries at all. In other words the solar power being delivered to the batteries is relatively equal to the power being consumed! When I got up the batteries were at 12.6 volts. I turned on the TV and watched the voltage carefully. It stayed at 12.6 for well over an hour. Good deal!

There is no Internet here so I will post this when I can.

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