Sunday, April 5, 2009

What It Cost

Here is a breakdown of what we spent in Mexico. We were in the Country for 144 days. I am not including our costs in the USA getting to and from Mexico and I am not including any maintenance and repair costs for vehicles. Clothing we purchased in Mexico is not included either because Norma did most of that and she will not tell me how much she spent. It is in Canadian dollars. To convert to USA dollars, multiply by .82

Fuel - Motorhome $1948 $13.50
Fuel - Honda $323 $2.25
MH Propane $74 $0.51
Highway Tolls $795 $5.52
RV Parks $3185 $22.11
Admissions & Tours $476 $3.30
Dining Out $2732 $19.00
Groceries $2530 $17.60
Liquor $625 $4.34
Hotels (Chiapas) $165 $1.15
Taxis $102 $0.71
Telcel Cards $40 $0.27
Insurance (Medical) $1408 $9.77
Insurance (MH) $580 $4.03
Insurance (Honda) $198 $1.37
TOTALS $15,180 $105.43


This is about $20 per day more than last year. The Peso has fallen badly against the USA dollar and many businesses have raised their prices because of this. The Canadian dollar has not kept pace!Many RV parks were charging in USA dollars. Gas has gone up about 10% over last year as well. We put a lot more miles on the motorhome as we drove all the way around around Mexico this year and spent less time in each location. We boondocked less, probably only ten nights, if that.

Groceries seem a little high. I tried to separate actual food out of our purchases but a few other things like soap, TP, personal hygiene and some other stuff snuck in there as well. Maybe a little liquor as well.

Still, $105 Canadian or about $80 USA per day is a cheap vacation! You could not do this staying in hotels and eating in restaurants, covering the ground we did!

We lived well and did not hold back on anything. We dined out an average of once a day or more and went to the nicer restaurants. We entertained a lot in the RV parks. We left the motorhome behind when we visited Chiapas and stayed in a hotel on the Centro for three nights. We lived well!


  1. Interesting. At day 22, we are averaging $73.28/day(US)...kind of close. That's counting every peso except for the RV insurance. We haven't traveled as much as you so our gas and tolls are a lot lower.

  2. A footnote since I can't edit: Aside from the CG fees, gas, tolls and insurance, these are things we would spend at home anyway. Plus...imagine if you had been a member of one of your beloved Caravans! :-)

  3. Hi Croft, thanks for posting that. I realize we live different RV'ing lifestyles, so I thought I'd post our expenses over the same time frame to show others that Mexico RVing can be very inexpensive if you choose to do it the way we did.

    We were in Mexico for 133 days, and I think we did approximately the same route you did, but the opposite way.

    Fuel Motorhome $1350
    MH Propane $115
    Highway Tolls $88
    RV Parks $664
    Admissions and Tours $243
    Dining Out $208
    Groceries $1277
    Booze $596
    Hotels $0
    Taxis and Buses $40
    Insurance Medical $0
    Insurance Motorhome $420

    Total $5,001 CAN
    $37.60 per day.

  4. My budget and expenditures would be MUCH closer to Kevin than to Croft!

    I did not keep detailed records but my 2 1/2 months in Mexico probably cost me less than $2,500 US.