Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dodge City

Dodge City was the Wild West! It was the point where the huge cattle drives from Texas met with the Santa Fe Railroad. It was at this point where George M. Hoover, a Canadian, dropped the tailgate of his wagon full of liquor to become the first saloon in what was to become Dodge City. The town was very wild by nature because it was here where Texas cowboys mixed with railroad men, farmers and the prostitutes, gamblers and gunfighters who were attracted to the area because of the huge amounts of money changing hands and being spent. This was the Wild West!

Many infamous characters of the Old West assembled in Dodge, some of them at times working on both sides of the law at the same time. Here is a painting of many of them who formed the “Dodge City Peace Commission”:


They are: Back Row (L to R) - W.H. Harris, Luke Short, Bat Masterson (another Canadian). Front Row (L to R) - Charlie Bassett, Wyatt Earp, Frank McLain and Neal Brown.

Front Street has been rebuilt after being torn down by Dodge City in the 70’s in the name of Urban Renewal and The Longbranch is again open serving ice cold beer and Sarsparilla to thirsty travelers.

The Longbranch and Front Street.

blog longbranch

Black Jack, first resident of Dodge City’s Boot Hill:

black jack bw

Just plain, good advice!


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  1. So just like during Prohibition, we were relying on you guys from up North to provide us with alcohol. I can deal with that. As long as we don't have to pay those Canadian alcohol taxes!