Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dodge City, KS to Denver, CO

I felt better heading out this morning after getting directions. The radio and TV were broadcasting dire warnings of Interstate Highway closures and I did not want to get stranded at the side of the road. The route we got was a good one. There was lots of snow at the side of the road where the snowplough had deposited it in the morning but the road was clean and dry all the way. We arrived in Denver just as the afternoon rush hour was beginning to form so we took the new toll Expressway. We pulled on it and hit a toll booth which charged us $7.50 USA ($2.50 plus $2.50 for each additional axle). I thought that was a little high as we were only going less than twenty miles on it but what the heck, I was avoiding the freeway madhouse through town.

We just got up to speed when we saw a sign informing us that the next toll booth was in 3 1/2 miles! We stopped and paid another $7.50 and asked the guy how many more there were between there and our exit on I-25. “One more”, he said, so it cost us $21.50 USA total. Worse than Mexico!

We drove another fifty miles north of Denver and found a Wal Mart to boondock in. Whoever said boondocking in Wal Mart is free should follow us for a day. Somewhere in Mexico the little TV in the bedroom developed a problem and refused to accept a signal from the 75 ohm TV cable input on the back. We had to hook it up to StarChoice with the two audio/video jacks. Now that we were in the states and using cable and off air signals, we had a problem. Wal Mart had a very nice Sharp 19 inch LCD, Digital HDTV on sale for only $198 so I had to buy one. The old TV went into the dumpster and the new one is beautiful! It found three off air digital high definition stations and the picture is Chrystal clear! Sweet!

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  1. Woof! Did that expressway company ever see you coming. $21.50 is terrible. But I do understand not wanting to be in gridlock.