Monday, April 6, 2009

I bought My Lens

I finally replaced the telephoto lens I lost in Palenque! I have been watching eBay for some time but not seriously bidding. In San Antonio I visited a camera shop to get a better idea of what these lenses were worth and today I sat down with eBay for a while. I did a search and sorted by ending times. I then found a suitable lens that was nearing the end of it’s auction and was under priced.

When shopping on eBay you really have to do your research and know what the item is worth. Many get caught up in the bidding process and end up paying more than the retail price of a new item. Set a maximum bid that you are comfortable with and do not exceed it.

I found a Nikon brand 70 – 300, f4 – 5.6 autofocus “G” type lens that had a top bid of $40 and fifty minutes to go. This is obviously not a top of the line lens but my vision is no longer top of the line either! At 30 minutes I bid $45 and was immediately outbid. At 15 minutes I bid $51 and was again outbid. At 4 minutes I bid $70 and won the lens for $69.49. After shipping charges and insurance the total was $94.49 USA, a very good deal, a little more than half of what it would cost new from a New York mail order dealer after shipping. I am very proud of myself and the lens will be waiting for me when I get home. My wish list is almost empty.


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