Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Insurance Company Comes Through!

Just before closing time tonight our Mexican insurance company gave us the OK to take the motorhome in for repairs. To top it off, they also authorized replacement of the air conditioner! Their original refusal was reversed and they have now agreed to pay the $1000 USA to replace the A/C. We went through a few hours of telephone tag and then the old “I got your email but there were no attachments” thing but eventually Erika in Mexico City got all the documents she needed to take in to her boss and the decision was made! She called us with the news about ten minutes before closing time!

Many thanks again to Chris in Monterrey who helped us get the whole claim going. Thanks to Carolina in San Javier Insurance in Nogales and thanks to Erika  in Mexico City who got us our final approval. We had a lot of help and it resulted in everything falling into place in time. A job well done!

First thing tomorrow we will call Camping World, the low bidder, and make arrangements to take the motorhome in. They say they are keeping a bay open for us! Stay tuned! With any luck we will be home before our medical Insurance runs out!