Sunday, April 19, 2009

Denver, CO to Sheridan, WY

Last night I asked Wal Mart if they did oil changes on motorhomes and was told they did. I had put almost 5000 miles on the Tioga in Mexico and another 1000 so far in the States so it was due. I pulled into the oversize bay promptly at eight this morning. The basic lube and oil for a MH is $50 including synthetic blend oil and a filter. They also installed a new air filter after showing me the old one with it’s collection of bugs, dirt, leaves, butterflies, rocks and grease so I paid just under $70 for everything after tax. Not too bad. After all was said and done our “free” night in the Wal Mart parking lot cost us almost $500 after a trip to the grocery store and last night’s new TV set.

We got away by nine and headed north to meet I-90 which we will follow to the coast. Gas is still (just) under $2.00 USA per gallon so that is nice. It was a long drive but the road was good to very good. There was some snow at the sides but the surface was clean and dry all the way to Sheridan, WY. We are in another Wal Mart and I am looking at a Burger King out front where I believe they have free WIFI. If you get this tonight it means I was successful. We drove about 500 miles today so I will be heading to bed to read and fall asleep soon. It has been a long day.

P.S. They do indeed have free WIFI so I ordered a coffee so it did not look like I was taking advantage of them. "Seniors" coffee is on sale for $0.27! Where can you get a coffee for twenty-seven cents? Not even Mexico!

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  1. Not another $500 Walmart stay I hope! At least you have to say the coffee is cheap; was it worth drinking?