Friday, April 24, 2009

Spokane, WA to Port Angeles, WA

We decided to drive to Port Angeles to catch the ferry to Vancouver Island. We have always had good luck going this way and have never been hassled for having a little too much booze on board. The lady inside my GPS did not want us to go that way and argued with us for a long time until I settled the argument by turning her off.

We got a late start from Spokane (11:00 AM) and burned up a lot of highway before arriving at the Seven Cedars Casino near Port Angeles. This is a nice casino and has an area for RVs to park. I put $2 in a penny machine and promptly won $15! Don’t worry, it didn’t last very long, I soon donated it back. Norma did a little worse, quickly losing her only remaining USA $20 bill and then losing the one she “borrowed” from me. We retired to the bar and watched a Ron White video. That guy is so funny!

We slept in a little and then started listing our purchases over the six months. We were allowed $750 each and were actually about $50 over. We had too much booze (again!) but just decided to be honest and hope for the best.

We caught the 2:00 PM ferry to Victoria and then arrived at Customs. We told him how much we spent and then he asked how much liquor we had on board. I told him we had a liquor cupboard with about ten bottles in it, all with varying amounts in them but no unopened bottles except one bottle of wine. He just laughed and said, “welcome home”.

We drove up the Malahat to our son’s place where he welcomed us home with a very expensive bottle of Single Malt which we sampled. It was a nice homecoming but I miss the Mexico sunshine!

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