Thursday, April 2, 2009

Further on the Insurance Claim

Well, the Mexican Insurance Company has decided in their wisdom that they will not pay to replace the air conditioning unit. They claim that I have no proof that the unit itself was damaged because I did not pick the pieces up off the highway. They say that 1) the unit may have been repairable and 2) I have no real proof that there ever was an air conditioner on the roof.

When I climbed up on the roof after the accident, the air conditioner was laying on top of the smashed solar panels. After being ripped out of the roof by the contact with the overpass, it was rolled halfway down the length of the RV, squashed between the roof and the overpass. It was obviously not repairable and when I threw it to the sidewalk, the two policemen carried it over to the side and told us to leave it there, that someone would get rid of it. Sure enough, by the time I realized that I should have at least taken a photo of it and went back, it was gone. The insurance company says I should have somehow saved it as evidence.

I have asked my insurance agent for help in negotiating with Mexico City but have not heard back from her. I told her that if she was not successful in having them include the A/C unit in the claim, to have them at least pay for the installation of a new unit that I will pay for. Even if the old unit was repaired, they would still have to reinstall it. This seems reasonable to me but I am not the insurance company. We shall see what happens…….


  1. I kinda wondered if you should have kept the unit. Years ago my husband hit a deer on the Duffy Lake...the ICBC adjuster told him he was smart to keep the deer hair in the grill or they wouldn't have allowed the claim. Hope things work out for you.
    Kelly from Whistler

  2. I've been scanning blogs because we are so busy. I missed this little episode...eek!! Hope you can find some recourse with them. We use our camera phones all the time to document stuff. Helps a lot!