Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Work Is Started

The motorhome is in the shop at Camping World and they are already stripping the roof off. It will be locked up in the shop until the new roof is installed so we will have to stay in a hotel for a few nights. We found one near the Riverwalk for a couple of nights until the higher weekend rates cut in and then we will move out closer to Camping World in New Brufels, north of San Antonio. Tonight and tomorrow we explore San Antonio some more!


  1. Texas Hill country is really nice.
    Visit Fredicksburg and Bouerne.
    Perdernales Falls State Park is really nice.

  2. Good luck with your roof repair. I'll be interested to hear how long it takes & all the rest. Glad the insurance finally came through on the a/c unit.

    I like San Antonio; hope you have a nice stay.