Friday, April 10, 2009

Update On Repairs

The new roof is on and the glue is drying! They should have the A/C, solar panel and everything else installed and sealed today and then it just has to sit still for another day to let everything dry before we can drive it. They say they will move it to the overnight area and plug it in so we can sleep in it tonight and save $70 on the hotel. We have not seen it yet but we are heading out there soon. The phone has not rung so I hope all is well. I will report tonight from Camping World parking lot.

Also, the insurance company has not emailed us the actual document authorizing repairs. They told us over the phone that it had been approved and to go ahead and they would follow it up by emailing us. They have not done so yet......

MORE: Camping World finished the job. They quoted us for a 80 watt solar panel but when they needed it all they had was a 125 watt panel so we got the larger one for the same price! Bonus time. It looks like a pretty good job but we can see a couple of "waves" in the rubber near the edges. They say that will go away once the sun has been on it for a few days. If not, their guarantee is good at any Camping World store. Likewise, no one was sure what size A/C was on the rig so they put a 1500 watt on it. It feels at least as cool as the old one.

They want us to stay here in the parking lot until tomorrow afternoon to be sure the Dicor has dried well and then we can hit the road. Well, after we pay for the repairs! The cheque should be waiting for us when we get home...

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  1. Very exciting! New, bigger solar is cool too. Good on the Camping World folks to upgrade you rather than hold you up.

    Now for that tiny 1,500 mile trip to Canada! Drive carefully!