Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hanging On The By Fingertips in Dodge City!

We are in Dodge City, Kansas and checked into the Gunsmoke RV Park. The good news is: the WIFI is great here! It works right from the RV and is giving me 18 – 24 mbps speed. The bad news is, the wind is so strong we can hardly open the side door without it being ripped out of our hands! We are rocking and rolling in the prairie wind and looking forward to a night of the same. I hope I do not get seasick.

The drive here on Kansas 400 was great. It is a well maintained secondary highway, divided for the first fifty miles or so. We stopped for lunch in a little roadside diner (Rick’s) where the grilled cheese sandwiches are only $2.75. The price of gas is much more reasonable than it was when we came down. It ranges from $1.84 to $1.99 per gallon. Without doing the conversion, I believe this compares favourably with the $7.70 Pesos per litre in Mexico. A tank full now costs me around $85 USA instead of the $200 I paid once in October in California!

Watching the Weather Channel it looks like it is going to be very cold all the rest of the way home. We had planed to travel through Denver, CO but they are expecting snow. Salt Lake City, our usual route also has snow. It is not even an option to stay here in Dodge as they are flashing warnings of thunderstorms on the TV right now with two inches of rain tonight and the next county over is going to get half dollar sized hailstones! We will have to run downtown to walk Front Street and Boothill tomorrow before the rain starts.

Speaking of Front Street, the City of Dodge in their wisdom tore down the original old west Front Street in the early 70’s in a dumb attempt at “Urban Renewal”! All the original buildings and boardwalks walked by the Earps, Luke Short, Bat Masterson and the rest of the gang so carefully preserved up to that point were torn down and burned in the name of “progress”! Front Street has since been rebuilt as a tourist attraction but it is not the same.

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