Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sheridan, WY to Butte, MT

Today was another long day of Interstate driving. Long and boring with nothing to see. We passed a couple of places I would have liked to explore further like Custer’s Battlefield and Virginia City but we have to keep pressing on as we have to be back in Canada on the 24th. Canadians can only stay out of the country for six months less a day every year or we risk losing our free medical coverage. It is a small price to pay but it makes me keep my foot on the gas to get home in time.

I have to have someone take a look at the dolly tires.  They are developing a strange wear pattern, maybe the alignment is out after hitting half a million topes in Mexico.

Tonight will be another Wal Mart night. It is still quite cold at night (2 – 3 degrees F.) here but warms up to almost 80 in the daytime. With the fancy new TV in the bedroom I can cover up with the big quilt and watch Bones. Life is good!

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