Saturday, April 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

We got home last night after stopping at the glass store to set up an appointment to have the windshield replaced. I found out that I had taken the $500 glass deductible option on my insurance coverage so that will be another significant expense! Our maintenance costs have been very high for this trip but the motorhome is pretty much in "as new" condition after five thousand miles of Mexican roads.

The house is in good shape and was left spotless by our house sitter. It was a very bad winter here and there was a small leak in the roof caused when an ice dam formed around the eves on the back and the water was forced back under the roofing. It resulted in a water stain on the computer room ceiling and down one wall. The ceiling will have to be repainted and the walls painted after removing the decades old wallpaper off the room. It is a job that should have been done years ago anyway. I also have two shopping bags of mail to go through!

I will be winding the Blog down for now until we decide where and when we are going for this coming winter. Thanks for taking the trip with me, I have enjoyed telling you all about it!


  1. And I have enjoyed reading it.

  2. Thanks for all the hints on the trip that we have followed, meeting you guys, and introducing us to Claude and Danielle. See you SOB in the fall/winter

  3. Welcome home!

    Sorry to hear that the return was very $$$, though! Wow, you guys got way more than your share of trouble. :(

    Sorry we can't meet up this spring, but I'm sure our schedules will line up one day.

  4. I've enjoyed following your travels. RV's do seem to have lots of things to go wrong but then again so do boats and houses in my experience. Probably airplanes too but I don't know about them!

    Glad you had a safe and enjoyable trip; hope I can come along on the next one.

  5. We are very glad to hear that you made it home safely. We have enjoyed your writing, and have learned a lot of great info. We are still a couple of years away from being able to head south for the winter (our house is currently up for sale ), so we still have time to read and learn. We are hoping to make it to the Island again this summer, however, we will probably fly, which will keep us to the southern half. We are searching for our future home base !! Please take care, and have a wonderful summer. We will be here waiting to read of your next adventure !!
    Sincerely, Trent & Teresa---Regina

  6. Croft,
    All good things come to an end, I hope to read about your travels next year. I truly enjoyed travelling to Mexico with you, especially a Canadian perspective.
    Have a great spring and summer, pay your taxes and be sure to vote in the Provincial Election. We're on the road on the Oregon Coast but, we were able to vote by mail before we left (1st time they've had it).
    Kindest regards
    Kelly from Whistler

  7. Croft - Consider keeping your Blog going - there is ongoing maintenance and getting ready for the next trip etc.

    You have established a readership. I use to keep writing when I was doing 6 and 6 (now we are here 8 -9 and there 3-4) ;-)

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