Thursday, April 29, 2010

65 Today!

Today is my 65th birthday and I am officially "Over The Hill". I don't feel a bit older than I did yesterday but time has marched forward one big step. I talked to my (18 year) older sister and she is doing just as well as I am. She told me she remembers the day I was born as if it just happened. We have some longevity in our genes.

I finished the taxes today and went for a ride to the dump with Rae who was getting rid of some of the leftovers after her RV renovations. She will be pulling out tomorrow on her way back to her summer digs in the Yukon. If you have not checked her Blog out yet, have a look. It will get interesting as she describes her trip back to Canada's North.

The plumbing problem turned out to be aging equipment. The pressure reducer was shot and had to be replaced and the outside tap had been plumbed into the high pressure side of the reducer and had to be relocated. He also replaced the main shutoff and relocated it to a spot I can reach from the crawl space hatch.

We are going to have a few friends over for a party on May 8th. We will do it then because Brooks and Linda are working in Vancouver this weekend and I cannot have a birthday party without them because Linda is making the birthday cake!


  1. Oh good, I won't get into trouble! (see my latest post *g*)

  2. Happy birthday, ya ol' phartoid! Being as I'm as old as the hills and twice as moldy, I'm kinda interested as to what's over them thar hills...

  3. Happy Birthday....Yahoo!!!!! Medicare!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday amigo! You have a year and a half on me - but who is counting?

  5. Thanks for the wishes everyone!

    Gracias, Jonna.

    Rae, I never hide from my age. Well, I may start now..

    Thanks wil. The hills are still just as far away!

    Anonymous, as a Canadian I have had great coverage for decades.

    John, as you say - who is counting?

    Thanks Chris, sometimes I feel 75 (like the morning after in Salito. And New Years Day in SMA)