Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Camera Gear

Doug asked what camera gear I use. It is a Nikon based System as Nikon is what I started with back in the 60's. I have many film bodies in storage at home. These are worth nothing now in the Digital Age..

My move into Digital came with the purchase of a Nikon D70S a couple of years ago. I used this for the first two trips to Mexico and it worked very well. The original "kit" lens became useless after it sucked in tons of dust with it's zoom action. I sent it to Nikon for cleaning and not only is this damage not covered by warranty, they wanted more than the price of a new lens to clean it. While I was searching eBay for a new lens, I decided to upgrade to a Nikon D200 body and this is what I am using now.

My lenses are:

1) Sigma 18-50 Digital Zoom (this is my "normal" lens. Takes nice shots but not expensive and may be replaced)
2) Nikon 70-300 Telephoto Digital Zoom (my "Bird" lens. A good deal on eBay last year)
3) Tokina 12-24 Wide Angle Digital Zoom (expensive lens that I thought I needed but do not use near enough)
4) Tamron 90mm "True" Macro Digital (very expensive "Flower" lens. My favorite purchase)

The D70S will probably get sold this summer on Craigslist with or without the Sigma 18-50 Zoom. If it is sold "with", I will replace the 18-50 Sigma with their new "OS" (Optically Stabilized) model. This is the scenario I am hoping for. I may also sell the wide angle Tokina as it is too much of an investment to just have sitting around unused. Anyone interested? Email me at croftsmexico(at)gmail(dot)com

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