Sunday, April 25, 2010

Back In Canada!

We spent the night on the Olympic Peninsula at the Seven Cedars Casino last night. Not a great casino, slots did not pay, didn't even tease us. I put $20 in and don't think it even paid once! We went into the bar for a drink after and there was a rock group that was very loud and not all that good.

We got up and drove to Sequim for breakfast where I had really good crab Benedict. We got to the ferry three hours early but that was not early enough! We were #5 on the overflow list and we waited with fingers crossed. In the end it turned out that two motorhomes (as well as a few cars) did not show up for their reserved spaces so we were home free! Not exactly "free" - $207 for the ferry! We got through the border with a couple of hundred dollars too much in imports and way too much booze. We schmoozed our way through one more time and are now at Brooks and Linda's relaxing for the night. Tomorrow we head home to do taxes!


  1. I'm sitting here waiting for you to. It's like backwards déjà vu!

  2. Glad to hear you made it back. I know how much fun it is to be a wide vehicle in a construction zone!

    Keep telling yourself it's part of the cost of all those hours on Mexican beaches; and the cheap dinners; and the amazing buildings. No free lunch, is there! LOL

  3. Welcome home, now you can start planning for your next trip down!

    Enjoy your summer.