Thursday, April 15, 2010

Night At Day's

The motorhome is in the shop on the lube rack so we had to go shopping for a cheap hotel. We are in the nearby Day's Inn with free WIFI and free "deluxe breakfast" for $49 per night. Not bad, we have paid more than that to park the motorhome.

Linda guessed what was wrong with the motorhome. Congrats Linda, you win the prize! Rae almost guessed it and Brooks missed by a mile thinking it was the catalytic converter. Les missed it as well but that hardly counts because Les does not know what a transmission is ;). I might have guessed if I had not been all doomy about the transmission. I kept flashing back to the mechanico in Chetumal who drained the transmission fluid instead of the engine oil. He corrected his mistake by straining it through a sock and pouring it back in. The sock got rid of the bugs and leaves but who knows what the bucket was used for before? I intended to get the transmission serviced but thought maybe I had waited too long.

Brooks bought a 140 amp alternator for his work truck and it cost him $800 plus installation so I guess I did pretty good but I have no idea why the alternator would fail after only 26,000 miles.

Anyway, all's well that ends well! I doubled my money in my hour at the slot machines tonight. Too bad I didn't gamble $1000 instead of only $10. I could have paid for the repairs with my winnings instead of only paying for one buffet dinner. I pigged out on the deserts and now I just want to lay down.


  1. Pauline says "Ha ha" about having to find a hotel.

    (and she wants to know how old you're going to be on your next birthday!)

  2. I do so know what a transmission is to do with the signal from the radio thingy and it finishes with 10 - 4 big buddy!!!!!!Les

  3. I win I win!!!! What's my prize???
    I am glad it was only the alternator...and not the tranny!!!

    LL xo

  4. Rae - tell Pauline I will be the Big Six Five! Sometimes I feel 45 and sometimes 85!

    Les - sorry I doubted you!

    Linda - You get to bake me a Birthday Cake, you lucky girl!!!

  5. Croft was heard to say, "I have no idea why the alternator would fail after only 26,000 miles."

    Barring an electrical short circuit, the most likely cause is exposure to the elements, in particular heat and moisture. Check and see if there is an air snorkel providing cooling air to the alternator. If so, are adequate measures taken to assure no water intake along with the cooling air? Or, are you like me and the '97 Saturn with an alternator mounted under the engine, right where the salt spray from the right front tire is directed? That was a $500 fix. Do everything you can to keep it cool and dry and you may be surprised by how little trouble it will give you in future.