Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On The Road Again

We got a phone call just before ten this morning telling us the alternator had been delivered and the motorhome was ready to go. We drove back to Albuquerque, paid the $1,200 bill (ouch), loaded the trailer and went to Sam’s Club to buy some six volt batteries for Brooks and a 26” Toshiba HD LCD TV that was on sale for $395 for the bedroom at home.

I had dropped my new Mexican eyeglasses on the tile floor in the hotel this morning and broke the frames in half. I showed them to the optometrist at Sam’s Club and he said he could move the lenses to a new pair of frames. He did this while we shopped for the other stuff and that cost me $103. Good deal!

There was a tire store across the street so we drove in there for new dolly tires. I told the guy that tires only last 10,000 miles on the dolly and asked him if that was normal. He said they get a lot of sideways pressure so they do not have a long life but when he took the old ones off he noticed they were bias ply and not radials. He said radials might last longer so that is what we put on and after another $170 we were on the road at about three.

About fifty miles down Interstate 40 we saw a sign for the Dancing Eagle Casino saying they had an RV park with full hookups for $10 per night. We checked in and went to join the Players Club to get the cheap rate on the RV park. When we signed up they also gave us coupons for $20 off a gas fillup and $3 each off meals in the casino restaurant! Very friendly folks these Pueblo! I put my normal $10 in the penny slots and took out $15 and Norma put her normal $40 in her favourite $.25 Wheel Of Fortune machine and took out $110. Not a bad night. We took our $3 vouchers to the restaurant where Norma had pork chops and I had fettuccine Alfredo. It is a dry reservation so no wine with dinner and that kept the bill at $14 after the discount but before the tip.

It is 8:00 PM and starting to sprinkle. There are five or six digital TV channels off air so we are settled down for the night and the box of Krispy Kreme donuts are calling my name. Life is Good!

Edit: Pat, a regular reader tells me the Dancing Eagle Casino is on the Laguna Reservation and the people are Pueblo, not Navajo. Pat knows as this is where he is from! Sorry Pat and thanks for correcting me. It is always appreciated.


  1. When I change my dolly tires to radials from bias ply I noticed they were much easier pulling but on the other hand before I changed I was able to back the dolly up with some success even around corners, however once I made the switch it lost that ability to corner.

  2. FYI. The Dancing Eagle Casino is located on the Laguna Reservation. They are Pueblo Indians rather than Navajo. This is the Rez that I am from. Glad you stopped in. Can't wait to read your next entries!

    The Torivio Family