Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We pulled in at 6:00 PM after Ms. GPS took us down several Farm Roads to get here. I will have to check the settings in the GPS as it is probably set for the shortest distance instead of fastest route. Sometimes they are not the same.

We arrived at the Bayou Shores RV Park just as the manager was locking up the office. He told us to park anywhere and see him in the morning. We chose a great site 20 feet from the ocean and as far away from the neighboring bar-restaurant as we could get!

The StarChoice setup was very easy once I got the settings from a file on the computer. It only took about five minutes of fine tuning and we ended up with 60, one of the best signal strengths we have ever had.

Next I tried my luck with WIFI. The laptop's built in antenna saw two sources, both password protected. I plugged in the Hawking dish and it picked up about ten sources, four of them open. I picked the strongest and connected. I am on line! Thanks Belkin 236, whoever you are! And thank you Hawking!

it is starting to get dark so our exploring will wait until tomorrow. It is a pleasant 78 degrees with just a little wind. It will be a good night.

And now for the really good news! The Canadian Loonie is worth the same as a US Greenback!

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