Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fifty Peso Haircut

While we were waiting for the glasses I found a barber to try to tame my mop of hair. The pleasant barber spoke English and told us about working as an illegal in Texas when he was young. He is now 52 and had been back in Mexico for many years.

He finished my hair and Norma asked him if he knew where she could get hers cut. He told her of several places but at the end told her he used to cut women’s hair and if she was brave he would do hers. She sat down and he cut her hair. She says it was the best cut she ever got!

We asked how much we owed and he told us fifty pesos each, one hundred pesos. We paid him and added a fifty peso tip which he tried to give back. He then told us business is very bad and some days he has no customers at all. More indication of the successful scare tactics.


  1. I think it's sad when one or two things happen and make people want to stay away from a whole area, thus making the "little guy" suffer (like your barber). There are shootings and such in the US and Canada, and some even happen in schools, does that make us want to pull our kids out of school and not live in that area anymore?
    Mexico is a victim as much as any other place. I feel bad for the people that make their living off others as well as tourists.
    I don't stop visiting LA because of street violence.

  2. From Croft's Mexico December 7, 2007:
    “...the vast majority of tourists are from Canada. It is a result of what the Leftie furniture salesman from Michigan calls, “Bush’s Politics of Fear”. Americans are taught to fear and hate everything that is slightly foreign to them...”
    From today's posting:
    “More indication of the successful scare tactics.”
    I seem to remember when I lived in a border town during the Truman and Eisenhower Administrations these same 'scare tactics' were being printed in the papers. I have become convinced over the years that the sitting President has very little to do with promoting the 'scare tactics'. I'm sure that the Michigan Leftie furniture salesman would not make such an accusation about President Obama nor do I.