Friday, April 9, 2010

Catfish And Pecan Pie

We drove from Galveston to Dallas today. Driving through Houston is a nightmare and without the GPS I would have had a problem. Although we stay on the same highway (I-45) it is a maze of interlocking overpasses involving tons of lane changing and bearing left or right. Thanks to the lady with the annoying voice, we made it through. American and Mexican drivers have one thing in common. When they see turn signals come on on a 50 foot long motorhome and tow car combination, they immediately speed up to close the space I was hoping to move into. They do not want me in front of them!

After leaving Houston, we started seeing signs advertising “Bob’s”, a place to eat that has been around for a long time so when the exit arrived, we drove in. Bob’s is a large building with a buffet that goes the whole length of the building. Half is cold and half is hot. The first thing I noticed was they had catfish and mashed potatoes! That sold me! I filled my plate up and added a few vegetables, ate it and went back for more catfish and potatoes. On the way past the desert table I noticed a slab of pecan (pick-anne, not peek-anne evidently) and grabbed it just in case it was the only piece. The buffet cost $11.50 each which was not cheap but the catfish was never-ending and good!


We are now in Dallas, in the overflow area of the Traders Village RV Park. The park is full because it is right next door to the venue where the Great Texas Chilli Cook-off will be taking place sometime this weekend. I don’t know if chilli cookers party late but I suspect they might so it might get noisy tomorrow night. Since we are in the overflow area, the charge is only $22 per night so I just might splurge for the $4.95 per day Internet.

Tomorrow we are going to visit Dealey Plaza, where President Kennedy was shot on November 22, 1963

Map picture


  1. If you can drop by the 6th floor museum there at Dealy Plaza. Well worth it if you have never been. I went a few months ago for the first time in 20 years and was amazed at the additions.

  2. I will be going to the 6th floor for sure!

  3. Croft that pick-anne pie looks mighty nice. I bet it tasted good!!
    Have to mark that one in my book!