Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Day Back

Yesterday we opened the two grocery bags of mail and picked out all the tax related stuff. I installed QuickTax 2009 in the computer and started entering data. I suspect we are missing some investment statements but they were not in the mail. Maybe they made no net profits over the year or maybe I just did not get them for some reason. Anyway, too late now, I just used what I had. If there is a correction to be made, I can do it later as an amended return. Between the two of us we only owe about $1500 so that is not bad! I will efile the returns today and send cheques.

There is a water pipe pounding in the crawl space and I am too "large" to fit through the small access panel. I have been wanting to get the main water shutoff replaced anyway as it is as old as the main part of the house (40+ years) and does not shut all the way off any more. I called a plumber and he will be here this morning. That will make up for the money I did not have to pay in taxes!

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